Strike EDU School
Private Virtual

Strike EDU School is an educational platform for parents who choose to teach:

  • At home

  • On the road

  • Wherever your family happens to be

Choose your way to participate with us:

Learning Coach Sessions

We work together with your curriculum or or our online curriculum and create a specific learning plan for your child. We virtually meet with you and your child for one to three times per week.

Virtual Classrooms

We offer a Virtual Classrooms for grades K-8, through Google Meet, where you and your child can attend and interact with a teacher and other students on a weekly basis.

Online Learning Curriculum

We offer a robust online curriculum through FlexPoint (FLVS) that can be tailored just the way you want it for your child. You may take just one online class (your choice) or a full grade level suite of online classes.

Curriculum Choices

You may choose our online curriculum, your own curriculum, or we can blend your curriculum with ours to achieve the best specific learning plan for your child.

It's not too late to get started! We enroll students nationwide, throughout the school year. We will help you and your child to stay on track. To learn more about how to make a choice for your child's education, click HERE.

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