Strike SCHOol enrollment

Strike School is your solution for grades K-12.

  • Full time learning, supported by one of our teachers as your Learning Coach.

  • Elementary age students will require extensive assistance from a parent or guardian.

  • High School 12th grade will be included in the 22-23 school year.

  • Your Child: We work with you to create a learning plan for your child.

  • Your Choice: We recognize that your family values are important to you.

  • Private School: We are a private, virtual school based in Oregon.

How to enroll:

  • Fill out our Interest Form: Strike School is all about Your Child and Your Choice. If you are interested in learning more or want to enroll your child, please fill out our Interest Form.

  • Talk with us: We will contact you within two business days to talk with you and answer any questions you might have. We would also be happy to set a meeting with one of our teachers (Learning Coaches), via Google Meet. We will start the process of assessing your child’s path for personalized learning. A learning plan will be created for your child and learning choices will be discussed.

    • Learning Choices: Our Director of Enrollment will help you decide on a Learning Choice that meets your needs.

  • Enrollment Application: Our office will send you a link to our Enrollment Application.

  • Learning Choice Payment: After your first month has been paid, and your Enrollment Application is complete, your child will be ready to begin school. Read our Learning Choice Payment Policy HERE.

  • Your Learning Coach/teacher will be assigned and you will be scheduled for your regular coaching sessions.

Not quite ready to Commit? Here are a couple of options:

Fill out our interest form for each student you are considering for enrollment.

We will connect with you quickly to ensure you get any information you may need before spots fill up for the current school year!