Strike EDU School Handbook

About Strike EDU School: Updated: 10.18.21

Strike EDU School is your solution:

  • Full-time learning, supported by your Learning Coach.

  • Your Child: We work with you to create a learning plan for your child.

  • Your Choice: We recognize that your family values are important to you.

  • Private School: We are a private, virtual school.

What We Believe:

We believe that every student can learn. We further believe that the healthiest learning environment is in a home school setting, in partnership with educational professionals. This teamwork ensures that all learning styles are supported, while fitting into each family’s values, structure and schedule, resulting in successful learners.

Our Vision & Mission: Read HERE.

How to enroll:

  • Fill out our interest Form: Strike EDU School is all about Your Child and Your Choice. If you are interested in learning more or want to enroll your child, please get to know us by filling out our Interest Form.

  • Meet with a Learning Coach: We will contact you to set a meeting with one of our Learning Coaches, via Google Meet. At this time we will start the process of assessing your child’s path for personalized learning. A learning plan will be created for your child and tuition tiers will be discussed.

  • Enrollment Application: After your initial meeting with a Learning Coach, our office will send you a link to our Enrollment Application.

  • Tuition Payment: Once your first month of tuition has been paid, and your Enrollment Application is complete, your child will be ready to begin school. Read our Tuition Policy HERE.

  • TERMINATION of enrollment: Strike EDU School reserves the right to terminate services to a child at any time. If your account balance is past due over 45 days, your child may not attend until the account is current. If you wish to discontinue this contract, please provide us with at least two (2) weeks written notice prior to your child’s last day.

Codes of Conduct:

  • Online Learning Code of Conduct

    • No tolerance for Cheating/Forgery/Plagiarism.

    • Dress Code: All students and parents, while engaged in online learning, will wear appropriate attire for the learning environment. Clothes that are too revealing or inappropriate are not allowed.

  • Learning Coach Session & Virtual Classroom Expectations

    • Attendance Policy

    • Dress Code: All students and parents, while attending a Learning Coaching session, will wear appropriate attire for the learning environment. Clothes that are too revealing or inappropriate are not allowed.

    • Meeting recordings: All Learning Coach sessions, including Virtual Classrooms, will be recorded for quality and training purposes. All recordings will be kept confidential.

    • A full time Learning Coach shall serve a maximum of 75 students, including individual coaching sessions and virtual classrooms.

    • A part time Learning Coach shall serve a percentage of 75 students, based upon their contracted part time hours.

    • Virtual Classrooms shall have a student to teacher ratio of 20:1 or less.

  • Student Information ~ Confidentiality

    • All student information will be kept confidential according to FERPA regulations.

Handbook Updates:

  • This handbook will be updated periodically. Currently enrolled students at the time of any update will be notified.